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Communicating messages through visual storytelling

We don't just shoot videos, we tell a story, your story, your brand's story; to make sure your end consumer is drawn to do business with you.


Quinton Novus Digital is the client serving arm of Quinton Novus Productions helping you bring ideas to life.

Do you have an idea, but don't know what to do next? Perhaps you already have a script but need to bring it to life? What if you have a production already in swing, but need assistance finishing it? Maybe you're an agency who needs help with a client project?

It doesn't matter what stage you are at, we can help you bring your vision to life or finish it for that matter. We are passionate about bringing bold, captivating cinematic visuals to life, however we do recognise that may not be appropriate for your particular project, whatever suits your needs we have the skills, experience and knowledge to help.

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Do you have an idea or a concept which needs to be formed? Or maybe you don't, that's fine! We can help you with that!

During this stage we breakdown a storyline, characters, write a script and storyboard, to bring your concept to life.


Your idea is born.


Let's make your idea a reality. Perhaps you've already started production but need assistance.


Using high end equipment plus a team of highly trained experts, we will bring spectacular visuals that grab the emotion and essence of your concept. 

Editing & grading

Now we have the footage we need to bring your project to life.


We take editing very seriously, as such we involve an editor as early as possible in the project so they can not only get the feel and mood of the concept, but also so the final edit and cinematography can work seamlessly together.

Our editing services also include post production sound design, because we understand how sound can fundamentally make or break a project.

GRAPHIC & social media content

Do you need videos or content for your social media page or website?


 Let us know what you need! We will analyse your business from an end consumer's view along with your services and products to advise on the best creative approach. 

With our understanding of business along with our creative approach, we can help you visually captivate your brand's identity in a unique and inspirational way.