About Us

Quinton Novus Productions

Quinton Novus Productions was founded by people who believe in the power of visual storytelling to change minds and make a difference.


We make a variety of captivating videos of untold stories about under represented groups that appeal to the generations of our times, with the aim to leave a legacy behind. Every single visual story travels from the creative process to accomplishing specific goals with the ideal audience in mind.

Our videos bring historical and cultural diversity to your screens and daringly highlights deep social and cultural issues that are not often spoken about with confidence. 


We inspire conversation through attractive visual depictions of key modern issues

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The Key People behind Quinton Novus Productions

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The Team
Audric Tchouani

Founder & Managing Director

Craig Millward


Funbi Bakare

Development Manager

Shazeen Iqbal

Writer & Communications Manager

Interested in Working for us?

If you are creative and passionate about storytelling or building businesses through visual media and have production experience email us on info@quintonnovus.com (re: Recruitment)